When AI meets the brain
SOULINK ZERO monitors and analyses your brain activity in order to improve your quality of life
The linear shape and the materials are made to fit all head sizes
Real-time feedback of your levels of attention, meditation, stress, and tiredness
AI algorithm
Deep neural network models provide a precise evaluation of your neural state
Sparks of your brain / Speak for your soul
Collecting biomarkers with multiple sensors
Models based on a bespoke AI algorithm
Precise analysis of the brain activity
Analysis from cloud computing and computer terminal
No radiation
No medicines needed
No electrical stimulation
1.5 hours
Charge time
4 hours
Battery life
6 months
Standby time
We have a great passion for building the future of brain interfaces
Real-time EEG tracking
Personalised courses
Diverse white noise
HiFi stereo sound
iOS Download
Android Download
Be more familiar with yourself and know what you need
SOULINK ZERO can be used under many different situations