Neural FLEX

SOULINK Brings You a Healthier Brain

Reducing Your Psychological Stress Gives You a Healthier Lifestyle

Brain State Monitoring, Brain State Analysis, and Brain Function Enhancement

Control Your Toy via MERCURY

Mercury can Read Gestures and Motions, Allowing You to Seamlessly Control Intelligent Devices

Link Artificial Intelligence to Neuroscience

Let the two Subjects that there are Basically No Intersection with Each Other Before Begin to Link
Improve the Status Quo of Popular Application Fields such as Education and Health

Race with Your Kids

A Brand New Concept of STEM Education,Help Children Improve Learning Efficiency and Experience the Fun of Technology
The Neural FLEX STEM Kits Include:

EEG Headband+《Mental Rubik’s Cube》APP

EEG Headband + Jumping Race Drone

EMG Armband + Robot Arm

EMG Armband + Smart Mini-Drone

EMG Experiment Box

Business Advantage


  • Multi-Channel Signal Processor for Collecting Big Data   Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Form Cloud-edge Intelligent Model

    Precisely Transfer EEG and EMG Signals into Accurate Data, No Matter How Messy the Signal is, It can be Parsed Exactly

  • Domestic, Foreign Laboratories and Experts Work Together to Create Industry-Leading Products

    Establish a Joint Research Center with the Neuroinformatics Laboratory of Famous Medical College in China, the Neuroelectric Laboratory of the Top Universities in Australia and National Top Psychology Institute, Sharing Advanced Information Technology Resources to Research and Develop Products.

  • Direct Access to Popular Application Fields   Enjoy Technology Benefits

    The Company Covers a Wide Range of Popular Fields such as Education, Health and entertainment, Provide Users with a Variety of Products and Services to Meet the Individual Needs of Different Users.

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